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As part of organizational / team transformation, we always have coaches emphasizing the need to learn new practices and ways of working. Till the time we have the practices and new ways working well with guidance & support available from coaches to course correct, the transformation is expected and seen to be on track. However, once the support system moves out and the teams/organizations are on their own, at slightest of trouble or issues, the teams and / or organizations start falling back to their old habits/ behaviors as well as ways of working. This is mainly because the teams always focused on learning new skills and not on unlearning the old competencies and behaviors.

What we need to be clear is about what is that we are looking to unlearn? Skills or competencies or behaviors!!! All of these or some of these.


Enterprise Transformation

How to succeed and sustain?

To survive and thrive in the VUCA world, almost all organizations are embarking on one or more transformation journeys. Any transformation initiative (Digital, Agile, DevOps, Cloud etc) that you embark on is a one-way street without a destination, the question that arises then is, how do we say we have succeeded in our transformation and where to logically end the journey and move into sustenance mode? How to define what to measure to validate our progress?

The answer to these questions lies in the context where the transformation is being undertaken and arises out of the strategic vision & objectives of the enterprise.


Organizational Culture

You define it, or it defines you

Every organization that is looking to transform has an existing culture that is driven by its core values, beliefs and undefined practices. The existing culture defines how people operate on a day to day basis, how the transformation exercise is kicked off and the way it evolves. However, for the transformation to be successful, it is imperative that the transformation team Identifies & outlines the existing culture and is able to define the cultural aspects that need to change for it to be an Agile Organization. This needs clear understanding of various aspects of organizational culture, leadership agility levels, what can be done to identify the current culture and what is needed to be able to define the target state.


Leadership Development

The future of leadership

While the current leadership is trying to come to terms with Millennials and practicing servant leadership, we have Gen Z entering the organization disrupting the culture and environment we operate in. The new generation comes with entrepreneurial mindset, less attention span, looking for positive experiences at workplace etc. To deal with diverse set of workforces, it’s imperative to understand the style of leadership we exhibit and identify aspects that need to be changed for us to be effective and efficient in helping both organizations we belong to and the people we work with are successful in realizing their goals.

Are you struggling to deal with the multigenerational workforce? Would you like to identify your leadership style and the aspects that need to evolve?


Building High Performance Teams

People make the difference in every business. To build a highly engaged and committed workforce, it’s important to focus on each employee of the organization, understand their behaviors and ensure it aligns to the overall culture of the organization. Creating this type of environment increases employee engagement, motivation and productivity resulting in overall high performing organization. It is the people and their capabilities, individually and collectively, that ultimately create a high performing culture.

All people are not the same, we all have different motivators; however, all people have a basic human need to feel valued and appreciated. Success depends on knowing and understanding people and valuing each employee's satisfaction, motivation, well-being, and development that helps meet the needs of employees as well as generate behaviors in alignment with organizational goals and standards.

Imposter syndrome can be one of the general and significant aspects that could prevent people in the organization to achieve their full potential impacting it from developing a high performing culture.


Jury Member

  • World Agility Forum, 2019
  • Technical Agility Conference, 2019

Proposal Reviewer

  • Internal Startup Call, 2020
  • Agility Today Unconference, 2020
  • Agile 2020 (Agile Companies Track)
  • Business Agility Conference, Vienna, 2020
  • Technical Agility Conference, 2019
  • Smart India Hackathon, 2019
  • Smart India Hackathon, 2018

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  • Keynote on Clarivate Analytics
  • Regional Scrum Gathering, Dhaka
  • DevOps India Summit
  • Agile Online Summit
  • Technical Agility Conference
  • Theme & Framework Agnostic Conference
  • Business Agility MeetUp – Bangalore
  • DASA DevOps MeetUp – Bangalore, New Delhi
  • Power Agile MeetUp


  • Business Agility Conference
  • Business Agility MeetUp
  • DevOps India Summit
  • Agile Online Summit
  • Technical Agility Conference
  • Theme & Framework Agnostic Conference


  • TechGig Forum - 2014
  • PMI Bangalore Chapter - 2014